Suppliers & Designers

We are always super excited to collaborate and work closely with independent accessory designers in order to bring our customers selective handmade & custom accessories available exclusively via As a company, we believe in empowering and encouraging the young women of today. We also stand behind our motto, "Dare to be Different", inspiring women to embrace their individual style.


Why team up with BagLady Trends?

As Design graduates and Fashion lovers alike, we want to connect with talented individuals such as yourself to collaborate on the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces designed exclusively for our customers. We may personally select the designers featured on our site, or approve them after receiving an online application. We want to ensure that we have some of the most talented designers to bring forth some of the most unique pieces. Each designer selected will be contracted as a Freelance Designer. 

How do you market the accessories?

We do many forms of online marketing to promote our website and we also partake in a variety of networking events and trade-shows. We are always communicating with customers via social media on many channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email Marketing and more. We also have a wide network of partnerships that will promote your products. 

How do I begin?

If you are an independent accessory designer who is serious about beginning a business venture with us, then simply email us your inquiry to, include a brief summary about your product and attach a minimum of 2 photos in order to be considered. (If selected you may be required to send 1 or 2 samples as well). We will then send you a designer application form, which our team will carefully review. Once you are approved one of our team reps will be in contact with you to further discuss what we are looking for, designs, payment and etc. 



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